Preserve an Acre!

Yes! I Want to Be Part of the Preserve an Acre Program!

Through participation in the Lower Shore Land Trust’s Preserve an Acre program you will help protect the vibrant forests, marshes, and farmlands of the lower eastern shore.

Since 1990 the Lower Shore Land Trust has protected over 20,000 acres of the Lower Eastern Shore’s most important natural resources and productive farmland.  Conserving property is just the first step in protecting conservation lands.  Investing in the stewardship of our protected lands ensures that the benefits will remain in perpetuity.  Help us restore, maintain, and defend our conserved lands and ensure permanence of the conservation values we work so hard to uphold.

How it works:

Through the Preserve an Acre program 100% of your gift will go directly towards stewardship of the critical lands under conservation easement.

Support Naylor Mill Preserve an Acre 

Support Showell Preserve an Acre Propery