Private Land Conservation Workshop

Voluntary conservation programs are the driving force behind much of the great stewardship around the Lower Shore. A workshop for landowners in the coastal bays watershed has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th from 9 am – 10:30 am at the Snow Hill Library. This program will provide landowners with an overview of available cost-share programs, conservation easement programs and forest management.

Speakers include representatives from the Maryland Environmental Trust, DNR Forestry, Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Lower Shore Land Trust. Learn about opportunities for hedgerow planting, forested buffers, pollinator habitat, invasive species removal, forest management plans and conservation easement programs.

The event is free and open to landowners throughout the lower shore through generous funding made possible with support from the Maryland Coastal Bays Program and Healthy Watersheds Consortium. To register, visit or for more information contact or call 443-234-5587.