Larry Walton Challenge!

Larry Walton served on the LSLT Board of Director for nearly 10 years and continues to support our land protection work. During his tenure as a board member he threatened to pull on his in-line skates and skate the Seagull Century. Well, finally he’s made good on his threat – he’s been in training and he’s ready to roll – the Seagull Century rides through our

protected lands and Larry hopes to raise awareness, and funds, to support our work!

Rather than skate with no cause, Larry is dedicating this skate to the Lower Shore Land Trust and is donating $1.00 for each Kilometer – Larry has challenged all of us to support our cause. Larry is skating and asks each of us to pledge something for each kilometer – $1, $2, $5 whatever amount you feel you can contribute! We’ll be rooting for Larry to skate 100 kilometers -please join us! Click here to donate!