Pollinator Garden Certification

Certify your pollinator-friendly garden today!

Together, we will keep the Eastern Shore pollinator friendly!

The Lower Shore Land Trust (LSLT) strives to promote good health and habitat for a variety of pollinators in urban and suburban regions on the Lower Shore by encouraging the use of native plants. The certification program provides resources for people who wish to implement practices which support pollinator habitat.

Steps to become certified:

  1. Review the certification criteria (Criteria) fill out the Pollinator Friendly Garden interest form (Interest Form) and email to info@lowershorelandtrust.org
  2. Once we receive your interest form we will send additional resource materials for habitat enhancement activities.
  3. Fill out the online application or download forms on our website and send (with photos) to LSLT for review.
  4. Once approved, you will receive you Pollinator Friendly garden sign and recognition from LSLT.
  5. Plan to attend our annual pollinator certification workshop.


Once certified, we will register your garden with the Million Pollinator Garden campaign!